If you close your eyes and imagine the ultimate exotic luxury coupe, it probably looks a lot like the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. This is the fastest and strongest Aston Martin to date and it has everything that you normally expect from the supercar that is speed, quality, and comfort. This is the super grand tourer which means the performance is super.


Under the hood, it has a 5.2 V12 Twin Turbo engine which produces 715 hp and 900 Nm of torque which is 150 more than the DB11. Distinctive styling makes it clear that the DBS Superleggera is in rare air, and a turn behind the wheel with 715 horsepower on tap drives the point home with authority.


Superleggera is an Italian word that means super light and Aston Martin has done a wonderful job to justify this word by making it 70kg lighter over the standard V12 DB11 on which it’s based by using carbon fiber everywhere. This car is fitted with an 8-speed flappy paddle gearbox which is really playable. DBS comes with 21 inches forged alloy wheels with carbon-ceramic brakes as standard to reduce the weight. Pirelli has created special high-performance tires for this car which are 315mm wide.


Now let’s talk about the range of aerodynamic features that manage the airflow into the car. First, it’s divided into huge front splitter from where air flows beneath the car which is similar designed in formula one cars. Also, some of the air goes through smaller ducts next to this massive grill and exits from the wheels and then splits through wings all the way to the winds on the rear window and finally it exits through the winds on the boots, which in turn creates a downforce of 180kg.


Inside the DBS you get racing dials, carbon fiber trim, sporty stitching, and racing seats. There are certain things inside the car that you will fall in love with such as how they have matched the pattern on the seats with roof linings also all the bulbs are LED, you won’t find a normal bulb anywhere in this car. The quilted leather upholstery with contrast black stitching and embroidery is nothing less than exquisite and gives one an immediate feeling of high-end luxury, which extends to the headliner and rather useless rear seats.


The angry bark on start-up should be enough to telegraph its intent to the driver and anyone else within earshot. There’s genuine menace lurking under that clamshell bonnet. Aston Martin has designed 5.2-liter-all-alloy, quad-cam, twin-turbo V12 engine in-house which produces 715 hp and 900Nm of torques and goes from 0-100 in just 3.4 seconds. And the brakes. Wow. They’re carbon-ceramic measuring 410mm front and 360mm rear and deliver mind-blowing stopping power. If anything, it almost feels overkill thanks to a relatively sensitive pedal at the top of the travel.