The Bentley Bentayga. We’ve driven it. We loved it. But if there’s one thing you could criticise it for, is that it isn’t exactly, well, mean.

The Bentayga is deeply impressive, and instantly loveable. You can think of it as an award-winning Golden Retriever. It has the pedigree and talent to wow the Crufts judges, but because it’s so damn perfect, you could never imagine it snarling its teeth.

Enter the Bentley Bentayga Black Specification.

According to Bentley, this iteration of the Bentayga was designed specifically for the Middle East. The idea, the brand says, was to endow the super-SUV with a few special interior and exterior design flourishes to show off the car’s meaner streak.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the exercise has been successful. While you can choose an endless array of paint options, the Black Specification comes with carbon fibre styling as standard. You’ll see flashes of the material on the front bumper splitter, side sills, rear bumper diffuser and rear spoiler.

And then there are the wheels. They’re painted black and they’re enormous, 22-inch, five-spoke alloys. There’s also matching gloss-black painted exhaust tail pipes and wing vents to complement the black theme.

So, what do you think? Does the Black Specification turn the Bentayga from the ultimate family bus into the baddest monster of the night?