DETROIT — Part personal shopper and part interactive digital showroom, Cadillac Live launched in the United States, expanding the reach of Cadillac’s uniquely immersive luxury-shopping experience to mobile devices and desktops across the country.

With Cadillac Live, shoppers can enter a digital showroom to view the features and specifications of 10 Cadillac models, and also speak with a Live product specialist, who can answer vehicle and purchase-consideration questions.

“Luxury consumers are looking for a seamless, one-on-one shopping experience, whether online orin-person,” said Melissa Grady, Cadillac chief marketing officer. “Cadillac Live offers a high degree of personal service, with time-saving conveniences and extended hours, reflecting today’s evolving shopping habits and our customers’ expectations.”

Data from Google shows twice as many car buyers start their research online versus at the dealership; 1 and most shoppers believe it is important for brands to provide expert advice about their products and services. 2 Seventy-one percent of customers report switching to a competitor’s product after finding their selection process easier.

Interactive experience Shoppers can explore every detail of a Cadillac vehicle with the help of a Live agent, who is equipped with an iPhone X, Osmo Mobile gimbal and Bluetooth headset, providing two-way audio and one-way live video. That means shoppers can hear and see the agent, while the agent can hear – but not see – the shopper. The agents are also equipped with a digital interface to share color, wheel and accessory choices. Live agent sessions are available on-demand or can be scheduled for a future date. Additionally, shoppers can invite a partner to join a Live session.