Earlier in the year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda unveiled the gorgeously retro Urban EV concept car. It may have looked like a hot hatch from the 1980s, but it’s actually a super-futuristic electric car designed for the city. We liked it a lot.

And this week, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda has gone one better with the Sports EV Concept.

Again, its styling is deliciously ‘eighties, but modern cues have been incorporated to create, what we think, is a stunning little coupe.

While Honda didn’t reveal much about the Sports EV Concept, there’s no doubting that there’s a pattern emerging here. Honda’s clearly thinking about how to make electric motoring look cool. After all, with the exception of Tesla, most manufacturers’ electric vehicles are dull to look at and even duller to drive.

It looks like Honda’s attempting to inject a little fun into the electric vehicle market. While the Sports EV is just a concept, it’s a two-seater, and it’ll have decent EV performance. An electric car for the keen driver, then.

Whether or not it’ll actually make production is anyone’s guess. At Frankfurt, Honda said it was committed to building the smaller Urban EV, with an all-electric version scheduled to launch in 2019.

Here’s hoping that the Sports EV is designed to be another car in Honda’s retro-styled electric vehicle range.

Check out the pics below. What do you think?