20th November 2019, Petra: INFINITI Motor Company has marked the introduction of theQX80 Limited, a limited edition model of its flagship full-size 4WD SUV, to the Middle East with an expedition to new discoveries in the ancient city of Petra. Emblematic of the SUV’sversatile capabilities on and off-road, the model is designed to unlock the explorer within by providing definitive comfort and luxury that empowers the driver.

The QX80 Limited is engineered to deliver passengers and supplies to the most remote areas of the world wrapped in comfort and luxury. Powered by a 5.6L V8 engine, the QX80has four driving modes, providing secure traction at all times. What’s more, thanks to the latest in premium comfort and technology, including Active Noise Cancellation to reduce driver fatigue during the long stretches between sites; NASA-inspired ergonomic seating; and the Around Vehicle Monitor, a 360-degree overhead view to help avoid rocks, ruts and encounters with wildlife, the QX80 Limited is truly limitless.

“The sheer power of the QX80 Limited makes it the ideal choice for adventuring, whether on solo expeditions or family camping trips. Its 428 HP enables the driver to tackle the toughest of terrains effortlessly whilst feeling confidently safeguarded with outstanding safety features. At the same time, the two-tone semi-aniline interiors complimented by advanced entertainment make it a joy to drive, providing the ultimate vehicle for on-road bonding time”, said Markus Leithe, Managing Director, INFINITI Middle East.

The exterior and interiors of the upgraded QX80 have also been refreshed to take INFINITI’s‘powerful elegance’ form applied to a new scale, representing an evolution in design from the original. With sharper, thinner tail-lamps, straight and more angular character lines for bodywork, as well as light units and a raised lower bumper section, the QX80 Limitedappears wider, taller and more athletic than its predecessor. The extended hood also creates a more squared-off, vertical front section whilst large, functional fender vents maximize air delivery to the engine.

The interiors are a modern interpretation of upscale luxury, with a spacious and luxurious premium cabin handcrafted in quality materials including perforated and quilted leather. Rear entertainment is more connected than ever, featuring larger high-resolution screens in the headrests and dedicated headphones, whilst ergonomic improvements give occupants more storage space, including a larger smartphone and tablet stowing area in the center console.INFINITI’s InTouch infotainment system has also been updated, allowing drivers to personalize driving characteristics and the cabin environment.

Following in the footsteps of National Geographic Fellow and Archaeology Professor SarahParcak, who helped discover a new site in Petra using remote sensing satellites and drones, the fleet of QX80 Limiteds followed the ancient King’s Road from the Dead Sea to the historic trading center of Petra. A small team of explorers surveyed areas near the monument discovered by Parcak that “had been hiding in plain sight.” With the help of satellite and drone remote sensing technology, Parcak and a colleague discovered a 50meter by 100 meter platform just south of the ancient city. According to the scientific survey, the platform has no known parallels to any other structure in Petra. Parcak is a leader in using remote sensing in archaeology, last month publishing a book “Archaeology from space.”

The expedition to Petra follows a very successful Qxploration expedition last year in the GobiDesert, which saw the discovery of new dinosaur fossils. The experiential exploration marks a new chapter of the brand story, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019.