The Nissan X-Trail is the world’s best-selling SUV. It isn’t particularly good off-road, but buyers apparently appreciate its utilitarian attitude towards moving families about for a decent price. To date, Nissan’s sold over 835,000 X-Trails.

Given this, you’d forgive Nissan for not messing too much with the formula. If it ain’t broke, and all that. As a result, the new X-Trail, available in the Middle East soon, doesn’t differ all that much from the last one.

There have been a few styling tweaks on the exterior, and the interior’s had a bit of an upgrade. Otherwise, this is still the same, trusty workhorse that’s been knocking about for the past few years.

In terms of what that means, you can now have a choice of either a five- or seven-seat model, and there are five new colours to choose from. There are little details on the front around the headlights, too, giving the car a bit more of a chintzy, premium look.

Elsewhere, the X-Trail has been given a whole lot of new tech. It’s part of a package that Nissan calls ‘Intelligent Mobility’. Basically, they’re safety-focused driver aids, and they’re completely new to the X-Trail. You can now have an ‘intelligent’ rear-view mirror, ‘intelligent’ emergency brakes, and ‘intelligent’ cruise control.

Otherwise, the X-Trail remains unchanged. It’ll go on sale soon with the same range of engines, and the option of either two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Prices start from $23,800.

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