Like pretty much every other manufacturer, Jaguar is building an electric car. But unlike pretty much every other manufacturer, Jaguar’s electric car is almost production-ready.

In fact, this all-electric SUV will go on sale on March 1, according to Jaguar. Well, actually you’ll be able to order one on that date, with deliveries happening later. Still, it looks like the I-Pace could be one of the first genuine challengers to Tesla’s Model X.

Now, Jaguar has only drip-fed us bits of information. It’s waiting until March 1, when the car is properly revealed, to unveil everything.

What we do know is that the I-Pace will charge to 80% capacity in 45 minutes if you use the rapid charging option.

It also comes with the ability to prepare the car for when you want to use it. Basically, you can have the I-Pace plugged into the mains at home, and set it so that it turns on the air-conditioning for you 10 minutes before you set off – while it’s still plugged in. You can change these settings either when you’re in the car, or through a remote smartphone app.

This will obviously save you more electric juice for the journey ahead.

Meanwhile, Jaguar reckons that the I-Pace will be a relatively competent SUV. It’s been testing the car’s four-wheel-drive systems in the arctic, where temperatures drop to -40C. No word yet on what it’s like in the sand.

Anyway, we reckon this is set to be a really cool car. It’s electric, which is right-on and trendy, and it’s a Jag, which is just cool. And certainly it’s a million times better looking than the Tesla Model X.

Jaguar will release pricing info on March 1. We’re assuming it’ll be a little more expensive than the F-Pace, Jag’s petrol-powered SUV. But we’re also assuming that it’ll sell like no-one’s business, whatever it costs.

What do you reckon? Is this an electric car you’d actually like to own? More pics from the I-Pac’s winter testing sessions below.