Making a decision while choosing a used car is not an easy task especially with all the numerous options available in the market but when it comes to the UAE, Japanese sedans make this decision an easy job. Toyota, Nissan, and Honda dominate the UAE used cars market with most sales compared to car produced by other makers.

The secondary car market has exploded in the UAE and there are no signs of it stopping. The UAE is a developed market and therefore demand has been increasing for used cars in the few previous years as people are looking for more affordable and cheaper options to reach their destinations. Buyers would also like to have an economic gain through buying smaller cars that consume less fuel to compensate for the increase in fuel prices, not mentioning the huge environmental benefits. Taking a taxi, Uber or Careem or even renting a car are also some other options. But many people also want to own a car at an affordable price. Buying a used car in cash is considered a better option than buying a new car with installments.

Taking the weather and environment into consideration, Japanese cars with Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) specifications are efficiently suited for the UAE as their air conditioning units are designed for the extreme heat. Filtration systems also help to prevent any sand, dust or fine particles that are also very common in the UAE. The filters of Japanese cars last longer and the air conditioning requires less maintenance and these are some of the main reasons that attract buyers. They are also fitted with larger radiators with larger capacities to ensure that the engine doesn’t overheat when running.

Although a Japanese used car with GCC specifications could cost a bit more than American counterparts, the peace of mind they offer offsets the difference in cost. Reselling a used Japanese car is also easier and less time consuming as they offer lots of benefits that convince buyers easily.