The fact that Land Rover will now fit a dog shower to your new car isn’t something we’d usually bother with.

But in case you didn’t know, it’s International Dog Appreciation Day. And Land Rover is using the day to launch its new range of in-car options for dog owners, dubbed the “Pet Transportation Pack”.

You can fit these dog-friendly gadgets to any car in the Land Rover range – from the full-fat Range Rover to the Discovery Sport. The idea is that they’ll stop your furry friend from getting the beautiful interior of your car all messed up with paw prints and slobber marks.

In the pack, you can spec an access ramp that your dogs can use to get in and out of the boot, a spill-resistant water bowl and a dog shower – plus a couple of other goodies.

Now, we’re not sure if this option pack will be available in the Middle East – right now it appears to be a UK-only thing. Still, if it was available here, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few pet owners tick it on the options list.

Now have some more pictures of dogs.