The Maserati Alfieri was announced way back in 2014. Back then, it was just a concept car, a styling exercise that showed where the brand wanted to be.

Since the Alfieri was unveiled, Maserati hasn’t done much with it. Sure, the angry, pointy front end had a clear influence on the brand’s Levante SUV, but our dreams of seeing a new, V8-engined Maserati sports car have been dead in the water for quite some time.

And now they’ve been revived – if slightly updated for the new times we’re living in. Maserati has confirmed that the Alfieri is going into production. Only it won’t be powered by a stonking, sonorous V8. Instead, it’ll be an all-electric hypercar.

You can stop groaning over there at the back, because you haven’t heard the Alfieri’s performance stats yet. According to Maserati, the proposed electric powertrain will yield a 0-100 km/h time of under 2 seconds. That’ll put it in serious competition against the recently announced, next-generation Tesla Roadster.

It’s likely that there’ll also be a less-expensive hybrid version of the Maserati Alfieri – probably packing the Ferrari-developed V6 you currently get in the Levante.

Maserati admits that the all-electric model will probably be heavier than the hybrid one. But it hopes to offset a lot of that weight with an aluminium spaceframe chassis.

The tech developed in the construction of the Alfieri will spill over into the rest of the Maserati range, too. The brand will offer hybrid versions of Levante, Quattroporte and Ghibli when their next generations are announced. And it’ll even share some tech with its sister brand, Alfa Romeo, to speed up the development of electrified Guilias and Stelvios.

For the moment, though, we’re just happy the Alfieri is finally going to see light of day. More pics below.