Alright, you know all about the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. It’s one of the UAE’s favourite cars. The thing is, in its current form, it’s in danger of being killed off like Land Rover Defender was.

You see, eventually, safety regulations are going to catch up with the G-Wagen. At some point, Mercedes won’t be allowed to build a car on a 40-year-old chassis design, and the G-Wagen will have to be retired.

Which is why Mercedes is getting ahead of the game, and has completely rebuilt the G-Wagen from the ground up. In its new form, it’ll be the G-Class, because obviously it’s now too fancy to be called a wagon.

Don’t worry, it looks exactly the same as the old one. Apparently, creating a new chassis upon which to put a 40-year-old body design was a hugely expensive undertaking. But that just goes to show how important the G-Class is to Mercedes. People love it, and Mercedes isn’t going to let it die.

Anyway, because there’s a new body and underpinnings, Mercedes has been able to take a brand-new approach to the interior, which has come with the same design for decades. Sure, Mercedes has added nicer seats and toys to the G-Wagen over the years, but it’s always been essentially the same thing.

Now, though, the G-Class interior looks more akin to the S-Class. There’s the S-Class’ stretched screen that splits into a centre console screen as well as an intstruement cluster in front of the driver. There are chunky plastics to evoke the off-road, utilitarian spirit of the G-Class, but otherwise, this is a properly luxurious car now.

Oh, and it’s a lot roomier. Apparently, using modern manufacturing techniques, Mercedes could get much more space out of the interior while keeping the exterior proportions largely unchanged.

There’ll also be loads of customisation options, according to Mercedes.

Anyway, here are the pics of the new G-Class interior. What do you think, UAE?