There’s a new Porsche Macan out. And because it’s a Porsche, it looks almost identical to the old Porsche Macan.

But look at little closer, and you’ll notice some subtle styling tweaks. At the front, there are new LED headlights, but the biggest change you’ll notice is at the back. There’s a new LED tail light strip that matches the new Macan with the Panamera. And, we’re told, that same LED tail light strip will appear on the next Porsche 911 when it’s unveiled.

Anyway, back to the Macan. While the front looks largely similar to the old one, Porsche claims that the whole front end has been “meticulously re-worked” so that it looks wider.

Elsewhere, Porsche has fine-tuned the chassis so that it’s more fun to drive and more comfortable. As with the old Macan, the tyres on the front are a different width to the tyres on the back, but they’re all newly developed, which Porsche says will “enable even better lateral dynamics”.

You can also spec new 20- or 21-inch wheels if you’re looking to add a little bling to your small SUV package.

The Porsche Macan isn’t exactly built for off-roading, but Porsche has fettled with the off-road driving modes, and has also introduced a new Off-Road App, which will record and analyse your off-road excursions.

Indeed, the new Porsche Macan goes pretty big on tech. As standard you get a seven-inch touchscreen at the top of the centre console, but that can (and will by most) be optioned to 11 inches. There’s a whole new instrument panel, and you get the new infotainment system from the latest Cayenne and Panamera models.

Elsewhere, things are largely the same, with the same range of engines available.

Still, the whole package will obviously sell. Since Porsche first launched the Macan in 2014, it’s sold over 350,000 worldwide. Those are some great numbers for a car at the Macan’s (high) price point.

More pics below.