If you’ve been keeping up with all the action of Red Bull Car Park Drift 2017, you’ll know that the UAE finals are coming up soon.

And if this is the first you’ve heard of it, well, here’s your chance to catch some amazing drifting action in Dubai.

The idea behind the series is to provide a proper (and legal) way for the region’s best drifters to hash it out through drifting courses designed to take their skills to the limit.

At the upcoming National Final, judging will be based on how well the drivers continuously drift throughout the first two sections, around boxes and gates, followed by the infamous pendulum.

Drifters can also score extra points based on their car designs, the amount of tyre smoke they product with every drift and, last but not least, car sound.

Oh, and a new obstacle has been introduced for the National Final – the Buzzer Gate. This challenges drivers to successfully hit a hanging buzzer while maintaining a perfect drift.

If this sounds like something you’d want to see, head on down to the Green Planet car park at Dubai’s City Walk this weekend. Doors open at 2pm on Friday, November 17.