The Tesla Model X P100D is the fastest, most accomplished, and the priciest Tesla ever. A lot has been said about how competent Model X is. However, today, we’ll dig a little deeper and see if it justifies its 483,000 Dirham price tag.


Looking like a revamped version of the Model S with a tumefied roof, the Model X was created with emphasis to function over form. With more headroom for the people in the backseat, the even fringes along its exterior lend it unrivalled aerodynamics.

Because it is an electric car, it doesn’t contain exhaust pipes or a large grille. It has a commodious storage space of 187 litres in the front trunk (or frunk), 2180 litres of space in the car’s boot. Its last row is folded flat. The Model X’s key is shaped like a car with five hidden buttons. A simple gesture of tapping the buttons on the edge opens up its doors, and its varied sensors keep it from running or crashing into something.


The Model X is the most capacious Tesla ever. It has 7 seats and a huge windshield. The windshield is so big that it feels as if it is attached to the sunroof. It also has magnetic sun visors! However, in spite of all the eulogies heaped over Tesla’s minimalistic design, it isn’t all hunky-dory. Even with white leather seats and a carbon fibre trim along the dashboard and door panels, its finish quality is not on par with other vehicles in the same price bracket. Despite this, the second row has more than enough headroom for passengers. The side seats are automated by buttons beside the seats, with the middle one being controlled from the screen located in the front. The row in the back also has plenty of headroom and legroom. Also, for the back-seat passengers, there are two cup-holders and two A/C vents.


In terms of features, the Model X has the full house, from inbuilt navigation to LED lights and brilliant mobile connectivity. But, what puts Model X in a league of its own is an active data connection which acquires real-time information to keep the car updated. This means that, if Tesla releases an update, you will find it already integrated in your car when you start it the next time. The Model X has 8 cameras, 12 sensors, and a front-facing radar to detect automobiles, passers-by, and animals too. In terms of intelligent tech, it has a charging port which automatically opens up when it approaches a Tesla charger.


The Model X drives very easily compared to petrol-powered cars because it doesn’t have an engine under its hood. It is quiet to start, and its power capacity, with zero lag or hesitation, sets it apart from contemporaries. It is armed with a dual-motor set-up that produces 762 horsepower and more than 1,000 Nm torque and it can reach 0–100 km/hr mark faster than a Ferrari 488 or a Corvette Z06.

With regenerative braking that charges the car’s battery as you drive and a self-adjusting ride height that provides enhanced aerodynamics, the Model X can achieve a top speed of 250 km/hr, and mileage of over 500 kilometres after only a single charge.


Differentiating between Tesla Model X P100D and a petrol car is a tad unfair. The Model X’s beautiful build sets a benchmark, and paints the picture of a future where people will buy electric vehicles not to make a statement, but because of its functionality. If you want the Tesla lifestyle, know that the Model X has an 8-year unlimited kilometres warranty on its battery.