UPDATE: Volkswagen has now released the new Touareg. Click here to read all about Volkswagen’s new SUV!

It’s been a long time coming, but Volkswagen’s ageing flagship SUV has finally been retired. And now we know what the new one will look like.

Well, sort of. So far, VW has only sent out a sketch of the car in profile. The company is holding off on a proper reveal until March, when it’ll be shown off at a global premiere in Beijing.

Anyway, we’re told that the new Touareg will be all-new. That means a new chassis, a new body, new engines, a new interior, and a new suspension set-up.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many details yet. VW promises a load of “innovative assistance systems” to provide safety and comfort, and a new type of infotainment system called the “Innovation Cockpit”. We imagine that’ll be similar to Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system, though VW also reckons that the new Touareg will feature one of the largest digital cockpits in the class.

Design-wise, well, this certainly looks like it’ll be another strong effort from VW. With the Arteon and new-gen Tiguan, Volkswagen is on a bit of a roll with its styling. This sketch suggests that the Touareg will be made up of a lot of the same lines.

Volkswagen is also touting the Touareg’s off-road credentials by linking it to the Touareg-based Dakar Rally cars. Now, let’s be fair – those rally cars aren’t really like standard Touaregs at all. But, hopefully, the fact that VW is drawing any attention at all to the Touareg’s off-road abilities means that it might actually be decent when the going gets tough.

We’ll obviously bring you more information on the new Touareg when it’s properly unveiled in March. And once it has been unveiled, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on one – VW says that it’ll be available in the Middle East from May.