The Jeep Wrangler. It’s been around, in one form or another, since the original Willys Jeep CJ was introduced in 1944.

Sure, the Wrangler name wasn’t adopted until 1986, and sure, engineering-wise the Wrangler is a totally different car to the CJ (even Jeep claims that they’re unrelated), but we all know that it’s basically the same concept. You’re looking at rough-and-ready, basic, open-top, off-road motoring.

Perhaps that’s why, when pictures of the “all-new” Jeep Wrangler were released this week, the car didn’t look all that different to the current Wrangler.

But, Jeep assures us, this Wrangler is totally new. There are a whole bunch of new open-top options, with a “modern design that stays true to the original”. You can say that last bit again.

The biggest update, so far as we can tell, comes to the interior. While there’s still a rugged utilitarianism about the design, the pictures show a much better equipped cabin that provides all the niceties of a modern car that you’d expect. Jeep promises “precision craftsmanship” and “high-quality materials” for the interior.

Unfortunately, further details are in short supply. Jeep has simply released a few pictures and a short paragraph about the new Wrangler – with more information due to come out when the car debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.

However, given Jeep’s statement made no mention of new engines, we’re assuming that the new Wrangler will carry on with the very-capable 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 that powers the current one.

Oh, and you’ll note from the pictures that, yes, a Rubicon version will be available from launch.

What do we reckon, Internet? Can the new Wrangler get away with staying pretty much the same as the old one?