The UAE is the most developed PEV market in the region, not only regarding sales but also regarding charging infrastructure, with Dubai having around 200 charging stations and Abu Dhabi around 20.

The growth has been due to strong government incentives with the government targeting more than 42,000 electric cars on the roads in the few coming years. The announced incentives include free public parking, toll fee exemptions and discounts on charging and electric cars registrations.

Tesla’s success in the market is the driving force for electric vehicles in the UAE as the American brand is responsible for around half of the PEV fleet. Other plug-ins has also shown great performance such as the BMW i8 and the Mercedes GLC350e. The arrival of affordable PEVs such as the Chevrolet Bolt and Renault Zoe has increased the demand for electric cars.

The UAE is a clean energy hub mainly due to strong leadership. The government is exerting strong emphasis on the societal and environmental benefits of adopting electric vehicles. The passion about sustainability has always been a motive for the adoption of electric vehicles, not just because they are modern and futuristic, but also because it benefits everyone.

The UAE set ambitious renewable energy goals which resulted in two record breaking low price solar bids which only served to strengthen its position as a pioneer in the clean technology field. It is very impressive to see that despite the fossil fuel industries in the country, the investments in clean technologies such as PEVs, solar power plants and Masdar city in Abu Dhabi are only increasing to counter the effects of global heating and rapid climate change that our planet is witnessing.

EVs provide optionality for everyone whether a tourist or a citizen. The number of charging points has also increased considerably to absorb the rise in number of EVs. The UAE is also one of the first countries to have electric taxis which decreases the amount of carbon emissions in cities and leads to a better environment.